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#81. The Process and Planning Needed for EV Charging

12.05.22 | Podcast | By:

#81. The Process and Planning Needed for EV Charging

What does the process of planning and designing for EV charging really look like? From financing to permitting, design to accessibility, there’s a lot of nuanced planning that is needed for all sectors looking to install EV chargers in public spaces to retail. We spoke with Jenna McDavid, an Electric Vehicles Practice Director with Kimley-Horn to hear about some of the bits and nuggets of charging.

With Special Guest:

Jenna McDavid, Associate, Electric Vehicles Practice Director, Kimley-Horn

“We need to reduce reliance on single-occupant vehicles to reduce congestion, to reduce motor vehicle accidents, to reduce pedestrian collisions. We need to make sure everyone has access to safe, affordable, reliable, clean transportation. We need to design and deploy thousands upon thousands of EV chargers in well lit, accessible spaces with accessible payment systems with high up times. These are huge, huge challenges that require experts from a lot of different disciplines to do their very, very best work very quickly. It’s very important. It’s personally important, and I think it’s globally and societally important.”

Jenna has 22 years of experience in the clean energy and clean transportation industries. She provides strategic advisory support to public agencies and private companies to aid their transitions to zero-emissions vehicles. Her current and recent engagements address regional strategies for transportation decarbonization, design and delivery of programs to support EV adoption, siting optimization for EV charging infrastructure, and fleet electrification support.

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