Tammy Klein

Founder & CEO, Transport Energy Strategies

Strategic Advisor • Research Analyst • Trend Spotter • Intelligence Gatherer • Networker & Connector

Standing in the confluence of change in global transport and at the threshold of the energy transition, Tammy Klein provides market and policy intelligence with unique insight and analysis drawn from her global network and through her more than 25 years of experience working with government, industry and NGOs around the world on a range of transportation energy issues, including conventional fuels, alternative fuels and biofuels issues.

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Sep 15, 2021 | Blog

The Inevitability of Hybridization?

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Pew’s New Global Survey of Climate Change Attitudes Finds Promising Trends but Deep Divides

People’s views about climate change, from how worried they are about it affecting them to

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Climate Change Is an Infrastructure Problem – Map of Electric Vehicle Chargers Shows One Reason Why

Most of America’s 107,000 gas stations can fill several cars every five or 10 minutes

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Is Hydrogen the New Oil?

The Tokyo Olympics will be powered by a fuel with ambition – hydrogen. The Olympic

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