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Global Hydrogen Outlook

Over the last five years, there has been a renewed and increasing interest in hydrogen as a pathway to decarbonization across sectors, including transport. Past reports on hydrogen for members have reviewed production pathways (see report Oct. 20, 2020) and countries’ plans for hydrogen in transport (see report Jan. 13, 2021). Much has happened even in the last 18 months in the hydrogen space, as April’s report on policy showed (see report Apr. 19, 2022).

Countries are getting much more serious and concrete about developing their hydrogen markets. Market demand estimates, as May’s report showed (see report May 18, 2022), point to a potential overall clean hydrogen (both blue and green) demand of around 500-600 million tons (Mt) by 2050. Some of this demand is expected to come from the shipping and aviation sectors (see report June 28,2022), but how much? And by when? This on-demand webinar attempts to answer these questions, highlight issues and summarize the research to date in just about 40 minutes.

Link to the On-Demand Webinar Recording


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