#68. Moving Faster With Hydrogen

06.06.22 | Podcast | By:

#68. Moving Faster With Hydrogen (37m)

Parker Meeks, Chief Strategy Officer, Hyzon Motors

The hydrogen fuels market is growing globally and is becoming a viable alternative to diesel for fleet vehicles. In this episode we talk with Parker Meeks, Chief Strategy Officer for Hyzon Motors about the state of the hydrogen fuels market, waste-based hydrogen sourcing, the U.S. regulatory landscape and all the benefits of this fuel that is rapidly growing in popularity around the world.

With special guest:

Parker Meeks, Chief Strategy Officer, Hyzon Motors

Parker joined Hyzon Motors as Chief Strategy Officer in June 2021. His experience spans traditional energy, decarbonization / energy transition, infrastructure and transportation, serving clients and leading operations across 4 continents, 15+ countries and 25+ US states. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, an MBA from Rice University, and serves on the Advisory Board for Rice University’s Chemical Engineering department.

“Our entire team Hyzon is really passion-led. When you’re a company that’s building something in this way, you’ve got to be led by passion. We’re all excited to do our part to help move fuel and move mobility forward.”

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