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How Future Transportation Will Transform our Roads and Skies

02.10.20 | Blog | By:

The future of transportation is evolving–and fast. Rapid changes in technology will change the way we travel. Driverless cars are already on the roads and many other future transportation trends are just a few regulatory steps away.

With new technology comes new questions about safety and security. Take delivery drones, which could be delivering packages en masse by 2021. These flying robots are convenient for delivery companies, but consumers will be faced with higher delivery costs, new privacy risks, and a higher rate of delivery defects (at least in early implementation)

Other transportation will transform the insurance industry. Who is at fault in a driverless car when it crashes–the owner of the car or the manufacturer? Car companies are racing to the finish line and have been footing the bill for crashes during testing mode, but this cost will likely be transferred to the consumer.

Check out The Zebra’s visual below to discover future transportation technology trends and impacts they could have.

9 ways the future of transportation will transform our roads and skies

This post was originally published on The Zebra.

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