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#42. Kaloyan Tsilev on the GMobility Platform in Europe

08.18.19 | Podcast | By:

Recently, I talked to Kaloyan Tsilev with NGVA Europe about its GMobility Platform. Following are several excepts from our discussion, which you can listen to or download below or in ITunes.

On What GMobility Is and What It Means:

“GMobility is a new platform that we here at NGVA Europe started in April, so it’s fairly new, but it’s something that we felt was missing from what’s going on here on the European level. At NGVA Europe we are trying to liaise between the industry and the European institutions and other stakeholders to have a dialogue on what sustainable mobility should look like of course considering gas, because gas in transport is what we represent.


We’re thinking about the fact that not many regular people know about gas in transport. Most people certainly care about sustainable mobility. A lot of people know what e-mobility is, but not many people know about any of the other alternative fuels that are out there, what the benefits are and what is going on in those industries. So, we wondered, how can we bring to the forefront these benefits and information to people who can really benefit from that information and get some sort of value and present it in an informative, entertaining way? That’s pretty much what inspired us to start this platform.”

On Taking a Technology-Neutral Approach:

“It’s a bit unfair to call battery electric vehicles or other electromobility carbon neutral. So, what we were advocating for with the technology-neutral approach is that you shouldn’t judge which vehicle is better based on the vehicle, but you should be thinking about the different technologies and the benefits that different technologies offer so that you get to the final goal, which is decarbonization. That’s a very important thing…


…What I’m actually afraid of is that we are going to reach our decarbonization targets but just on paper. We’re not going to reach them in practice, because we are ticking the boxes when it comes to compliance. Oh yes, these new vehicles, yeah, they’re not burning anything. Fantastic. Let’s tick the box here and call it a day. In reality, once you actually measure what’s happening on the environmental level and you see that your emissions are not really changing all that much, you get to start to think about why is it that we’re not reaching our decarbonization goals.”

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