Presentations & Recording Posted: The Future of Methanol Web Conference

12.14.22 | Blog | By:

Methanol is literally everywhere as the graphic above shows. Hundreds of products that touch our daily lives originate from methanol as an essential chemical building block. Cars, trucks, buses, ships, cookstoves, kilns, generators, and fuel cells are increasingly using methanol as a low carbon and net carbon-neutral fuel around the world.

When we talk about decarbonizing energy, we can’t do that without bringing in methanol. So what’s happening with methanol? What does the future look like for it? How does methanol fit into plans to decarbonize sectors such as shipping? What about other sectors?

Joining me to discuss these questions were Greg Dolan, CEO of the Methanol Institute, Ayça Yalcin, Director Market Development at Methanex, and Berit Hinnemann, Head of Green Fuels Sourcing for A.P. Moller – Maersk.

The presentation and web conference recording are now available for viewing.

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