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Infographic: The Growth of the Autonomous Car Market

01.15.20 | Blog | By:

Autonomous cars have been viewed for years as closer related to ‘flying cars and jetpacks’ rather than actual means of transportation, being considered a technological advancement that always seems more home in a Sci-Fi story than something driving down the street. Despite feeling like fictional technology, plenty of companies have tried their hand at creating them for reasons that span across entire industries. From DARPA and the American Military to Google and BMW, the past few decades have seen many minds try to tackle the challenge of creating a truly autonomous car; with some succeeding more so than other.

But when did we begin to work on autonomous cars? What progress has been made, and for what purposes? And will we see driverless cars in our driveways any time soon? Stanley R Harris created an infographic addressing all these questions, and more.

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