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Presentation & Recording Available: Re-Thinking the Global Bioeconomy

The presentation and recording (audio and video below) are now available for “Re-Thinking the Global Bioeconomy” which featured two key experts working in this space:

The Q&A discussion centered around questions concerning learning lessons from the past, both on industry’s and government’s parts. One issue that arose was indirect land use change (ILUC) and how that stymied the development of the biofuels/bioenergy industry in Europe. The governments of Canada and Brazil, now implementing low carbon fuel-type standards, appeared to have learned from this by nt including such criteria in their respective regulations being developed. Gerry Ostheimer spoke about the reality of not trying to replace petroleum fuel with biofuels on a 1:1 basis. Rather, petroleum will be around for some time and biofuels can be used in sectors such as aviation and marine/shipping where there is a strong need to decarbonize and there are not many alternatives. Doug and Gerry spoke about the importance of bioenergy to emerging economies.

We also recorded an “after webinar” webinar to take additional questions that we could not get to in the first webinar. That recording is available here.


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