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Come and Join Us to Discuss: “Re-Thinking the Global Bioeconomy”

The development of the global bioeconomy has made great leaps and strides over the past 10 years, but has also had stops and starts. All kinds of issues have emerged: the debate over “food v. fuels”, indirect land use change and whether the bioeconomy really contributes to climate goals, and the slow development of advanced technologies, to name just a few.

But I’ve noticed that a revival of sorts is happening.

As the EV market is beginning to take off, bioeconomy companies are emerging from the “valley of death.” Optimism is returning to the sector, and new voices are calling for the expansion of bioenergy across sectors, including transport. The International Energy Agency, Sustainable Energy for All, the government-led Biofutures Platform, and corporate groups such as below50, are but a few.

They say the evolving global bioeconomy is creating new opportunities to meet climate change and sustainable development goals in both developed and emerging economies, which includes the decarbonization of transport. Advances in agriculture, biotechnology and bioprocessing are now making it possible to meet a considerable fraction of the global demand for chemicals and fuels from renewable carbon derived from bioenergy.

We’ll be discussing these issues and more at the next Future Fuels Outlook web conference, “Re-Thinking the Global Bioeconomy,” to be held 10 am ET on Tuesday, October 23. This free webinar will feature presentations and a moderated Q&A with two key experts working in this space:

Space is limited so reserve your spot now! RSVP to me at and I’ll provide the connection details. If you would like to have a colleague(s) join, feel free to forward the invite.

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