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The Top 5 “Best of the Best” Blog & Podcast Posts from 2017

01.16.18 | Blog | By:

I didn’t want to get too far into 2018 without taking a quick run back through 2017, and featuring some of my favorite blog posts and podcast interviews. It was quite a year! There were car ban announcements at the national and local levels, and there were point of obligation issues. There were new policies affecting biofuels that went in different directions, such as the EU’s revised Renewable Energy Directive (REDII), Brazil’s RenovaBio and Canada’s Clean Fuels Standard framework. There were new fuel economy policies, such as in China, and tons of speculation around the future of electrification. Below are my top 5 favorite posts and podcast interviews from 2017.

Blog Posts

Sizing Up the Commission’s Clean Mobility Package

The Lancet: Air Pollution Kills 6.5 Million Every Year, Motor Vehicles a Major Cause

EV Sales Projections Keep Trending Up: What It Means for the Fuels Industries

Are Megacities Key to the Future of Energy, Fuels & Transport?

The Top 5: Is the U.S. Ethanol Industry Really Doomed?


#26. David Rapson: We Need to Reconsider How We Set Fuel Economy Standards

#18. Sam Wade of CARB: We’re Excited about the Progress We’ve Made with the LCFS

#15. Cornie Huizenga: Every Subsector of Transport Needs to Be Part of the Climate Solution

#13. John Cooper: There’s Space in the Carbon Budget for Liquid & Petroleum Fuels

#12. Paul O’Connor: Don’t Give Up on Advanced Biofuels


Tammy Klein is a consultant and strategic advisor providing market and policy intelligence and analysis on transportation fuels to the auto and oil industries, governments, and NGOs. She writes and advises on petroleum fuels, biofuels, alternative fuels, automotive fuels, and fuels policy.

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