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Tammy Klein Talks Urbanization & Impacts to Fuels on NACS Podcast

08.23.17 | Blog | By:

As time and convenience top “sprawl and crawl” in the minds of Americans, the population is increasingly moving into cities and spurring the need to examine the future of transportation systems, infrastructure and mobility.

In this week’s NACS Convenience Matters podcast, co-hosts from NACS and the Fuels Institute talked with Tammy Klein, principal consultant for Future Fuel Strategies, and Jeff Wood, owner of The Overhead Wire, about this topic and Fuels Institute new book “Urbanization: The Effect of Urban Development on U.S. Vehicle Travel and Fuel Demand,” released in May 2017.

The history of U.S. living and travel patterns provides valuable insight for the future as the nation prepares to accommodate an additional 100 million residents by 2060. Americans have pushed the edges of their communities further with improved and more flexible transportation options. This historic trend of expansion, which has been characterized by many societal factors, presents a significant challenge to the evolution to a new, urban mobility market.

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Tammy Klein is a consultant and strategic advisor providing market and policy intelligence and analysis on transportation fuels to the auto and oil industries, governments, and NGOs. She writes and advises on petroleum fuels, biofuels, alternative fuels, automotive fuels, and fuels policy.


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