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Lithium: The Fuel of the “Green Revolution”

02.14.17 | Blog | By:

This great infographic on lithium highlights its uses, drivers and types. It notes that prior to 2001, lithium was used chiefly for a variety of industrial purposes. Major sources of lithium demand included ceramics, glass, aluminum production, lubricants, and as a catalyst for rubber production. In 2015, with the commercialization of the lithium-ion, batteries are now the major source of demand for lithium at 39%. By 2025, and according to a report by Deutsche Bank, the battery market for lithium alone will be more than two times bigger than the total lithium market today. About 70% of all lithium will go to EVs, e-bikes, traditional batteries, and energy storage, making it the uncontested fuel of the green revolution. Lithium-ion battery demand is primarily driven by rapid growth in the electric vehicle market, which is expected to make up 35% of all vehicle demand by 2040.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist
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